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Therapy is one of the best investments a person can make in their life. Emotionally psychologically, and spiritually.
If we can heal the pain of the past and what is currently hurting us in our lives we can move forward and flourish into the future. Counselling can guide and aid us to get to know who we really are and find our authentic self.
If we can find our strengths and distortions we hold within us by digging deep into the treasures of our soul we can raise our self-esteem self-acceptance and be mindful how we care about our precious life.

The therapy style that Glynis uses is adapted to meet the clients individual issues and problems making it a specific healing process for each person. It is a holistic approach that addresses every aspect of human life.

Counselling needs to be on a regular basis mainly weekly same time and place helping the client to have some regularity in their life which is often missing for some people.

In 2001 Glynis qualified as a Counselling Psychotherapist from CCPE in London after five years training in Integrative and Transpersonal Psychotherapy. It is a recognised institute by the IACP BACP and UKCP. Her previous background was in healthcare as a Registered Nurse for 38 years. Glynis also has a Holistic Massage practice in the Galway/Roscommon borders.

it is often difficult for people to get to counselling so Glynis offers online counselling as well as one to one sessions.

Please hesitate to contact her for any inquiries about her Counselling sessions.

" Life can seem like a mountain. But it's how we embrace the journey to the top and back and what we learn on the way that can helps us heal and grow "

Glynis Downey July 2020

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